5 things in luxury this week | 12th Aug 2022

As we brace ourselves for another heatwave, things are starting to hot up in the marketing agency world too. This week sees a number of creative ideas come to fruition, all sharing one thing in common: customer engagement. Using the metaverse, celebrity-led competitions and much-loved cartoon characters, marketing news this week is largely dominated by campaigns that bring entertainment and interactivity to the user experience. Of course, marketers have long known the link between content and customers – but could it finally be coming of age? Let’s take a look at the past few days…

1. McLaren ‘HySpeed Trainers’ Launch

Fast cars and fast fashion go hand-in-hand, so it’s no surprise that Formula 1 giants McLaren, have entered the luxury footwear market. A culmination of two year’s work, the racing brand has teamed up with shoe company APL for manufacturing. The footwear is every inch as considered as the brand’s own cars, using materials like carbon fibre and McLaren’s ‘FutureFoam’ pods as part of its look and feel. Available in five bold colours, the sleek design is entitled the ‘HySpeed’ running shoe, aimed at the high-end enthusiast. But you’ll need to be flush, as well as fast, as these runners will set you back $545.

Client: McLaren

2. Gucci and Miley Cyrus in ‘Gucci Town’ Roblox campaign

It’s official, Miley Cyrus has joined the metaverse as part of Gucci’s latest campaign. In a first for Roblox, the celebrity will appear in ‘Gucci Town’ on the popular gaming platform. Gamers amongst you will know that Gucci Town is relatively new to Roblox, having launched in May.

Here gamers can sniff out the meta-fragrance, arriving via scavenger hunts and digital wearables. Reimagined in avatar format, Miley Cyrus serves as the face of the new ‘Flora Gorgeous Jasmine’ fragrance in the digital ad campaign. Bringing a sense of fun and interactivity to the platform users can even pose for a selfie next to Cyrus’s avatar.
Although the scent isn’t part of the virtual experience, Gucci is reimagining it in the form of a wearable digital fragrance botte backpack.

Client: Gucci

3. Marks & Spencer “Eat Well Play Well” Campaign

It wasn’t long ago that we reported on Marks & Spencer’s collaboration with chef Tom Kerridge. Now their retailer has teamed up with football pundit Ian Wright to push their ‘Eat Well’ range. In a well-timed move following the victory of the Women’s England Football team, customers can win a training masterclass in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, with a legendary footballing hero. To enter, customers need to download the Sparks app and register for the competition by nominating their benefitting school or football club of choice. Featuring Ian Wright, you can see the ad campaign on Youtube now.

Client: Marks & Spencer

4. Subaru ‘Ignite Your Success’ by Zulu Alpha Kilo

When it comes to creating an experience that ignites all the senses, Subaru might just have nailed it. To launch their new BRZ Sports Coupe, the Japanese motoring company has created a tongue and cheek advert comparing driving the car to over indulging in hot sauce. The narrative follows the journey of a man in a pizza shop offered a bottle of hot sauce, with a Subaru BRZ parked outside. Entering a fantasy sequence, we see the man in the driving seat of the BRZ with a voice over explaining “So scorching, it will ignite your senses”. Bringing the brand experience that bit closer to customers, they’ve even created a limited-edition BRZ hot sauce for the occasion, available through social media competitions.

Client: Subaru
Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo

5. Envestnet partners with Nickelodeon for Financial Campaign

It’s seldom that a cartoon breaks into the adult market, however SpongeBob SquarePants is one of the successful few. The Nickelodeon TV hit has teamed up with Envestnet – a service that empowers financial advisors with ‘Intelligent Financial LifeTM’, bringing a light-hearted touch to its bespoke services. Using Mr Krabs as the focal point, investors are invited to delve into the character’s imagined finances using its next-generation client portal. Produced by creative content marketing agency HeyLet’sGo, the campaign offers an omni-channel experience, ensuring all touchpoints are met. There are five scenarios inspired by the SpongeBob SquarePants series, including firing SpongeBob and opening a new Krusty Krab restaurant to check out.

Client: Envestnet
Agency: HeyLet’sgo

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