5 things in luxury this week | 22nd July 2022

You might think the only thing people have been talking about this week is the heatwave – and you’d be right. So much so, that it even prompted a certain ice-cream company to unveil a ‘flash’ advert on the hottest day of the year – but more on that later.

It has also been a week rich in marketing campaign ideas from the world of luxury brands. We’re not just talking any ads, we’re talking Marks & Spencer ads with celebrity chef Tom Kerridge at the helm. That’s not all.

Nissan has teamed up with TBWA/London to go all cultural on us with an electrified art campaign, whilst Marriot have upped their gamification across its Moxy Hotel collection. Perhaps though, our favourite creative of the week belongs to Peloton – yes, the biking brand trying to un-besmirch itself from recent headlines. If you think they’d take the road more travelled as a comeback, think again. Instead they’ve opted for a bold and fun approach working with content marketing agency Maximum Effort. Nudity aside, we think it has paid off. If you haven’t seen it, you’re in for a treat!

1. Nissan “Electrified Art” by TBWA/London

This week Nissan has stepped into the metaverse with its ‘Electrified art’ campaign, to showcase the punchy design of the all-electric Nissan Ariya. The brand commissioned five artists across the UK to create a piece of artwork interpreting the new model as a ‘ray of hope’. Bringing the metaverse that bit closer to reality, artworks are showcased in an immersive online experience accessible by QR code via the Nissan Electric Lab Portal. Artworks will also be displayed across five regions in the UK, from Liverpool to London.

Client: Nissan
Agency: TBWA/London

2. Marks & Spencer “Remarksable” with Michelin-Star Chef Tom Kerridge

The at-home dining market positively exploded during lockdown, making way for deeper brand partnerships and marketing campaign ideas to form. Marks and Spencer Food is the latest of these, teaming up with Michelin-starred chef Tom Kerridge to bring its ‘Remarksable’ meal planner to life. This offers a host of indulgent family recipes at an affordable price point. The campaign is supported with a TV/YouTube advert featuring Chef Kerridge and an online hub for obtaining the recipes with accompanying videos, making it a multi-platform (dinner) winner.

Client: Marks & Spencer

3. Peloton’s “National Nude Day” advert by Maximum Effort

Known for their cheeky approach to marketing, Peloton is making strides (so to speak), in their comeback as a brand that consumers can trust again. Enlisting the help of a creative content marketing agency, the campaign features Law and Order actor Chris Meloni working out in the nude with his modesty blurred out. The tongue and cheek advert was timed to coincide with National Nude Day (14 July). The emphasis of the advert is a push towards using its Peloton App. As such, it showcases the wide variety of exercises users can enjoy, from running to strength training, and yoga to meditation. It closes with the line “Motivation that moves you”.

Client: Peloton
Agency: Maximum Effort

4. Marriott “Moxy Universe, Play Beyond"

Between now and the end of the year, Moxy Hotels Asia Pacific is bringing a touch of pizzazz and gaming to lure in a younger demographic. The hotel chain has launched an augmented reality (AR) experience, inviting customers to explore its hotel using a smartphone using state-of-the-art AR technology. In a Pokemon-esque campaign, guests are given a QR code at check-in, with the opportunity to win prizes around the hotel. The campaign is seen as Marriott’s latest attempt to bring gamification into travel and hospitality, to the Gen Z market.

Client: Marriott Hotels

5. Magnum “Enjoy it before it melts” by Lola MullenLowe Madrid

As far as topical marketing campaign ideas go, Magnum were – ironically – the only brand not melting in the heat this week. Instead, the ice-cream manufacturer upped their game by using the opportunity to promote their luxury range, as London reached peak levels of 40 degrees in the heatwave. Mouth-watering images of melted ice-cream featured alongside the copy “On the hottest day ever, enjoy it before it melts” on posters across bus shelters in the capital. Keeping it topical, as well as comical, the campaign ran for one-day only, with further amplification across social channels.

Client: Magnum

Agency: Lola MullenLowe

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