5 things that caught our eye this week

As if the US presidential election wasn’t already turning into a farcical freak show, this week saw a debate that will go down as one of the low points of modern politics and ends with news that hydroxychloroquine  supporting, disinfectant injecting, mask avoiding, healthy-as-a-21-year-old Trump has caught Covid. We all wait for good news, though your definition of good news varies wildly depending on your persuasion.

What’s that go to do with our 5 things this week? Well not a lot really. It’s a new technique we’ve been trying out called zig zagging. So we’ve zigged, so let’s quickly zag into this week’s top advertising campaigns.

Some of it this week is quite literally, out of this world!

1. Vonage: Not What You’d Expect by Lucky Generals

This weekly article is fast becoming a round up of great things Lucky Generals are doing. Last week it was socially distanced tea. This week they feature again with the great work they’ve been continuing to helped Vonage push their message of straight forward business communication with this again, simply brilliant (and we mean both of those things literally) set of videos.

It comprises of three films that use surprising and easy to understand metaphors to communicate a core product point; 1. Easy-use, 2. Secure and 3. Flexible

It’s as easy as brain surgery!

Client: Vonage
Agency. Lucky Generals

[ts_text_block has_readmore=”yes” readmore_label=”Read More” animate_block=”yes” animation_type=”fadeIn” readmore_link=”http://www.luckygenerals.com/vonage-now-were-talking”]


2. Naked Noodles: Slurp loud and proud by Creature of London

Despite mostly WFH, we have been curious to find out what that loud and ‘slurp’ that has been coming from the streets of the capital. London agency Creature have made quite a visual impact with the campaign they launched this month, on behalf of Symingtons’ brand of ‘Naked Noodles’.

The artwork by Justin Poulter is colourful and visually striking, everybody here at We Are Star believes that they are breathing new life into an overlooked snack.


Client: Naked Noodle
Agency: Creature of London

[ts_text_block has_readmore=”yes” readmore_label=”Read More” animate_block=”yes” animation_type=”fadeIn” readmore_link=”https://www.campaignlive.co.uk/article/naked-slurp-loud-proud-creature/1696012″]


3. Estée Laude – Out of this World

We spend a lot of time trying to find that perfect shot for Instagram. But when you’ve exhausted all options within our stratosphere, of course, you’re forced to look beyond, as Estée Laude have had to.

Their night serum will be photographed in the space station’s iconic cupola window to create images for use on Estée Lauder’s social media platforms and certainly ups the game from the usual ‘feet on the sun lounger shot’.
This may actually go down in history as the greatest lengths ever gone to for the ‘gram.

Client: Estee Lauder
Agency: (We couldn’t find an agency to credit. If it’s you, let us know. Or maybe someone at Estée Laude just happened to know someone with a rocket and they didn’t need so clever creative and planner to come up with this idea. ??) Tina Cook

[ts_text_block has_readmore=”yes” readmore_label=”Read More” animate_block=”yes” animation_type=”fadeIn” readmore_link=”https://www.forbes.com/sites/lelalondon/2020/09/28/estee-lauder-is-paying-nasa-128000-to-send-a-serum-to-space/#6872c7e72f42″]


4. The post of Finland: Climate change stamps by Berry Creative

The Post of Finland has made a series of stamps on the climate crisis, which are printed using heat-reacting ink.. When heated, the stamps reveal the future state of possible consequences of the climate crisis. They show snow turning into rain, mass immigration due to heat-ruined areas further south, and the extinction of many of Finland’s endemic species. A sense of urgency was added with the die-cutting and colour scale of the stamps.

Is it wrong to say this is a ‘cool’ idea?!

Client: Finland Post
Agency: Berry Creative

[ts_text_block has_readmore=”yes” readmore_label=”Read More” animate_block=”yes” animation_type=”fadeIn” readmore_link=”https://kottke.org/20/09/clever-postage-stamp-design-heat-reveals-hidden-images-about-climate-change”]


5. Farrow and Ball: Not on my walls! By BMB

Farrow and Ball show paint lovers taking things to the extreme in order to protect their freshly decorated walls and woodwork from the threat of muddy dogs, messy children and careless wine drinkers.

Friends are forced to drink from sippy cups, while dogs are swathed in hazmat suits – all to emphasise that the brand’s Modern Emulsion is easily wiped clean.

Client: Farrow and Ball
Agency: BMB

[ts_text_block has_readmore=”yes” readmore_label=”Read More” animate_block=”yes” animation_type=”fadeIn” readmore_link=”https://www.creativemoment.co/bmb-launches-new-advertising-campaign-for-farrow-ball-featuring-brands-first-tv-ads”]

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