5 Things that caught our eye this week

Amid all the negativity and confusion of COVID we have found some truly inspirational people who have made us think (much like the round Weetabix) why has nobody done this before? This week, the North of England brought us jet pack paramedics courtesy of Gravity Industries, and Andy Williams from Swindon has set a new world record for the speed of a wheelie bin. However, what caught your eye in the world of advertising I hear you cry?! Well folks, Mother London put a tear in our eye. DBLG showed us how to do it with style while Ragged Edge cut straight to the point and Droga5 told us it’s not as bad as we think. DDB UK then provided us a fun distraction as we learnt We Are Star’s pooch Archibald was not the smartest pup in the litter.

Here’s the wonder’s we’ve found for you this week:

1. Greenies: Doggy IQ (outsmarted by a blanket)

A fun campaign by DDB UK whereby you can test your dog’s IQ. The campaign guides you through a series of timed activities that you do with your pooch and at the end you get the dog’s intellect level. We tried this with We Are Star’s Archibald. It did not go well. The tests final verdict for Archibald: “outsmarted by a blanket”. So a damning assessment, though one that does go some way to suggesting they are highly accurate.

Agency: DDB UK
Client: Greenies

[ts_text_block has_readmore=”yes” readmore_label=”Read More” animate_block=”yes” animation_type=”fadeIn” readmore_link=”https://doggyiq.greenies.com” target=”blank”]


2. Harrods: If The Matrix did menswear by DBLG

Here at the We Are Star office, we were taken aback by DBLG’s advert for the Harrods’ menswear relaunch, their sleek and stark video reminded us of a modern art masterpiece (in a good way!). The display can be seen in the windows of the eponymous store and has great visual impact. Think modern menswear, designed by the Matrix. Very 2020.

Agency: DBLG
Client: Harrods

[ts_text_block has_readmore=”yes” readmore_label=”Read More” animate_block=”yes” animation_type=”fadeIn” readmore_link=”https://dblg.co.uk/projects/harrods-menswear” target=”_blank” ]


3. Ragged edge : No crafty b*llsh*t here! by Ragged Edge

This week we also loved Ragged Edge’s forthright rebranding of East London Liquor Co. The distillers were given a fresh new edge without, as agency co-founder Max Ottignon succinctly put it, the crafty b*llsh*t. The raw spirit of the campaign has really captured our attention, and we would like to offer our services if East London Liquor ever require product testers!. Chin-chin.

Client: East London Liquor
Agency: Ragged Edge

[ts_text_block has_readmore=”yes” readmore_label=”Read More” animate_block=”yes” animation_type=”fadeIn” readmore_link=”https://www.creativeboom.com/inspiration/east-london-liquor-co/” target=”_blank” ]


4. Rustlers: Not as bad as you think by Droga 5

Droga5 have created a cheeky new campaign on behalf of Rustlers. The London agency plays the somewhat unambitious tag line of ‘Better than you think’ against a series of hilarious vignettes, that prove any relationship is repairable. The minute-long video informed us, entertained us and changed our minds (a little) in less time than it takes to nuke a burger.

Client: Rustlers
Agency: Droga5

[ts_text_block has_readmore=”yes” readmore_label=”Read More” animate_block=”yes” animation_type=”fadeIn” readmore_link=”https://musebycl.io/advertising/rustlers-and-droga5-london-serve-hilariously-untwisted-take-little-red-riding-hood/” target=”_blank”]


5. Samsung: A real tearjerker by Mother London

Samsung have launched their new campaign which features a unique exploration of a smart phone photo. ‘Inspired by a True Photo’ explores the narrative behind the picture by making it the start of a creative journey. In this short film we are taken on the journey of two rival onion cafe owners. It’s certainly a tearjerker!
Client: Samsung UK
Agency: Mother London

[ts_text_block has_readmore=”yes” readmore_label=”Read More” animate_block=”yes” animation_type=”fadeIn” readmore_link=”https://campaignlive.co.uk/article/love-blooms-rival-onion-cafes-samsungs-quirky-smartphone-campaign/1696201″]

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