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Whilst reviewing content for this weeks ‘5 things…’ article, a debate (in fact a near argument) broke out on the We Are Star slack channel. Having seen the brilliant Aunt Bessies Ad from Grey, an argument broke out. Half the team thinks Yorkshire puddings should only go with Roast Beef. The other half think they go with any roast. We don’t want to influence your judgement but when one team member said they had Yorkshire Puddings with the Christmas Dinner (WTaF) near mutiny broke out.

Have a vote here:

On another note, welcome to Tier 2, London. As we all hit Google to try and figure out what that actually means and why our local pubs have suddenly put greater emphasis on serving ‘substantial food’, looking after yourself seems more important than ever, which is a real focus on this weeks ‘5 Things…’. From the evolution of Avon to the importance of a good old Sunday roast and the brilliance of the NHS. This week’s 5 things really focuses on the importance of you.

In this weeks ‘5 things’ we bring you two ads encouraging us to embrace change by Wundermun Thompson and The&Partnership and two (yes 2!) thought provoking ads by the brilliant M&C Saatchi focusing on our health. Grey then tells a true story.

So grab yourself a drink, kick back, listen in and absorb this week’s brilliance.

1. Avon – “My Makeover” by The&Partnership

This is the latest of a series of ads that are part of the ‘Watch Me Now’ campaign. In this we see a series of (mostly women) making empowering statements about how their lives have been ‘made over’ against a sound track that would not have been out of place in the Rocky films. This made me want to vogue!

Fun fact: Did you know that Avon was around before women had the right to vote?

Agency: The&Partnership
Client: Avon

[ts_text_block has_readmore=”yes” readmore_label=”Read More” animate_block=”yes” animation_type=”fadeIn” readmore_link=”https://www.adforum.com/creative-work/ad/player/34625681/my-makeover/avon” target=”blank”]


2. Aunt Bessie’s – “Caring is the hardest things we do” by Grey London

Anyone who hasn’t spent substantial time in the UK perhaps doesn’t understand the therapeutic benefits of a Sunday Roast, especially one shared with family. This heart-tugging ad is based on a true story of a Nan named June who was certified blind aged 16 but continued to care and cook for her family. The film shows multiple generations coming together to talk, laugh, play and squabble before sitting down together to enjoy a roast. A heart warming film that absolutely oozes authenticity.

Agency: Grey
Client: Aunt Bessie’s

[ts_text_block has_readmore=”yes” readmore_label=”Read More” animate_block=”yes” animation_type=”fadeIn” readmore_link=” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CU7VAIup27U” target=”_blank” ]


3. HSBC – “The New Different” by Wunderman Thompson

Playing on the current climate of a world changing around us, Richard Ayoade returns as the front of HSBC and asks why would we want normal when we can have a new different? We see Richard perform his normal routine with minor adjustments before donning a mask (that matches his cord jacked) and heading out of the door. The video emphasises that even the most conservative among us can adjust to these unpredictable times.

Client: HSBC
Agency: Wunderman Thompson

[ts_text_block has_readmore=”yes” readmore_label=”Read More” animate_block=”yes” animation_type=”fadeIn” readmore_link=” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCS-8es7jvc
” target=”_blank” ]


4. NHS – “It’s not alright” by M&C Saatchi

A Powerful and to-the-point campaign by M&C Saatchi. The campaign takes a series of misconceptions about arthritis and systematically debunks them. The campaign highlights the fact that arthritis can rob people of everyday experiences, featuring what might often be seen as ‘excuses’ used by and about people with arthritis.

Client: Versus Arthiritis
Agency: M&C Saatchi

[ts_text_block has_readmore=”yes” readmore_label=”Read More” animate_block=”yes” animation_type=”fadeIn” readmore_link=”https://www.adsoftheworld.com/media/integrated/versus_arthritis_its_not_alright” target=”_blank”]


5. NHS – “Just” by M&C Saatchi

Do not adjust your sets. In a ‘5 Things’ first, the geniuses at M&C Saatchi have appeared twice in one article. The second campaign is something close to all of our hearts this year. ‘Just’ for the NHS features a series of people with potential cancer diagnoses explaining away their symptoms. The campaign is simple and poignant and highlights a behavioural pattern that most of us will recognise.

Client: NHS
Agency: M&C Saatchi

[ts_text_block has_readmore=”yes” readmore_label=”Read More” animate_block=”yes” animation_type=”fadeIn” readmore_link= ” https://www.adsoftheworld.com/media/integrated/nhs_just”]

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