5 Things that caught our eye this week

Well, life isn’t getting any more normal is it? As if 2020 wasn’t already mind-blowingly weird, this week has seen Liverpool and Manchester empathising with each other. Please tell me we’ve reached peak-weirdness. I don’t know if we can take much more.

With this in mind, we’d like to thank DDB for adding eerie cartoon cucumbers to the existing everyday worries we have about pandemics, assorted Trumps and Van Dijk’s knee. Perhaps the best course of action is to follow McCann’s advice and set sail for the middle ‘Aissle of Aldi’, surely some vital survival gear can be found there? Alternatively, we can all join The&Partnership and think happy thoughts in a utopian future fuelled by booze and chocolate as Wuderman Thompson and Space bring us ads filled with hope and a sense of renewal.

So, take a break and see what caught our eye this week;

1. Lexus – “Lexus Electrified” by The&Partnership

The contrasts found in ‘Lexus Electrified’ by The&Partnership caught our eye because they create a fascinating view point, is the car being driven or flown? At times it is difficult to distinguish. We also like the utopian images of nature being brought into the city, but after the fiasco of Boris’ ‘garden bridge’ (remember that!) it might be a step too far for London, at least at the moment!

Agency: The&Partnership
Client: Lexus

[ts_text_block has_readmore=”yes” readmore_label=”Read More” animate_block=”yes” animation_type=”fadeIn” readmore_link=”https://www.lbbonline.com/news/lexus-future-facing-film-envisions-an-electric-world” target=”blank”]


2.Aldi – “Aisle of Aldi” by McCann

Anyone who shops in Aldi will be familiar with the wonderful randomness you find in there, it is one of the reasons I now own a Waffle iron and why I could have waffles for lunch. I won’t, of course, it’s shoved in the back of the cupboard and I don’t know how to use it but at the time it was the best £19.99 ever spent. Aldi recently announced it was changing the name of their middle aisle, where the SpecialBuys are located to the “Aisle of Aldi” (Isle of Aldi, geddit?). Aldi is transformed into a sort of magical land of the mundane, a place you can escape to when you need to buy something you didn’t realise you wanted.

Absolute props to McCann for this. I can’t stop watching!

Agency: McCann
Client: Aldi

[ts_text_block has_readmore=”yes” readmore_label=”Read More” animate_block=”yes” animation_type=”fadeIn” readmore_link=”https://www.adsoftheworld.com/media/film/aldi_aisle_of_aldi” target=”_blank” ]


3. Mars : “Scaredy cat” by DDB

In a world first, Scaredy Cat is a horror movie for cats, which employs specific frequencies that will capture feline attention. Why? To launch its Creepy Catnip flavour. In the advert, we follow a cat creeping through a haunted house, in the middle of a storm, until the cat is presented with its biggest fear of all – a cucumber! A must for fans of the surreal and also, dog lovers.

Client: HSBC
Agency: Wunderman Thompson

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4. Glenfiddich- “Where Next” by Space

Where next? communicates uncertainty, risk taking and the challenges of growth. The advert begins with a deer going through the annual shedding of the antlers. This leaves the deer vulnerable as it transverses new and unknown landscapes, until eventually the rack grows back. The brand uses the analogy to encourage viewers to “embrace risk and grow stronger”. Where next? The Whisky cabinet.

Client: Glenfiddich
Agency: Space

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5. KitKat – “A break for the have-a-break” by Wunderman Thompson

In celebration of its 85th Birthday, Wunderman Thompson has introduced #ABreakForHaveABreak across KitKats social media channels. KitKat fans will have until the 26th October to come up with the best sound-a-like slogans they can conjure up to temporarily replace the familiar tagline. Our suggestion #Don’tHaveAFlakeHaveAKitKat. This clever marketing technique gives the brand’s most recognised asset, the “Have a break have a KitKat” line a break (and therefore, we assume a KitKat) before it is returned refreshed and renewed.

Where should we collect the prize?

Client: KitKat
Agency: Wunderman Thompson

[ts_text_block has_readmore=”yes” readmore_label=”Read More” animate_block=”yes” animation_type=”fadeIn” readmore_link= “http://www.thestable.com.au/wunderman-thompson-kitkat-have-a-break-gets-a-break/”]

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