5 Things that caught our eye this week

There’s a vaccine! The first ray of light at the end of the tunnel has been seen and all of a sudden, we’re no longer quite so disgusted at Big Pharma. A return to normal life by Spring? We’ll take that.

Until then, let’s just revel in the joy that is the amazing work produced by the advertising and creative industries. It’s been quite the week.

Creature of London were quick to take advantage of the feel-good factor around Joe Biden’s assumptive election victory to help further ‘deflate’ the Trumpian ego. Closer to home, students may be raising a glass of Christmas cheer, after it was announced that they may be ‘evacuated’ this yuletide. Hopefully they will have watched the adverts created by Manchester agency Love Sugar Science and choose gin over the obligatory SU snakebite.

It may be my imagination, but there almost seems to have been a reaction to counterbalance the ugly politics and machismo of the campaign trail. A number of adverts that help to highlight important social issues have dropped this week. The Gate reminded us that there is a fluff monster inside of us all in their Childline film ‘Nobody is Normal’. Socially important issues were also highlighted by Ogilvy and Weber Shandwick, who took on hygiene poverty and breast cancer respectively.

1. “The Great Unfollow” by Creature

In a fun and fitting reaction to last week’s US election results, Creature have launched a campaign that encourages users to silence Trump and the unattested hot air that comes out of his mouth. According to Creature, “It’s time to turn his most powerful weapon against him, stripping him of his influence. And, at the same time hitting him where it hurts: square in the ego”. The site depicts a cartoon of a tantruming Trump balloon which users can pop, thus deflating Trump and silencing the misinformation spreading voice that bellows from his Twitter feed. We loved this one!

Agency: Creature
Client: We guess, though can’t confirm Joe Biden, or 74,000,000 Americans


2. Breast Cancer Now – “ Love Hate Relationship” By Weber Shandwick

Boobs and lots of them in Anna Ginsburg animated video on behalf of Breast Cancer Now. The video is an exploration into boobs and a women’s complex relationship with them. The video explores the differing relationships that women have with them and how they are perceived by others in order to get us talking about Breast cancer. The ad is both mesmerizing and surprising and simply brilliant.

Agency: Weber Shandwick
Client: Breast Cancer Now

3. Warner Gin by Love Sugar Science

Brilliant Manchester agency Love Sugar Science literally have a drink with your name on it with their advertisement on behalf of Warner’s gin. Their simple but effective video shows examples of how bottles of gin can be personalised. I’m not sure what I would have written on my bottle, but I’m sure I could think of something after a couple of rhubarb cocktails!

Client: Warner Distillery
Agency: Love Sugar Science


4. Childline – “Nobody is Normal” by The Gate

The Gate have produced a video that seems to mix elements of ‘Where the Wild Beasts Are’ with sock puppets and a 1980s toy chest over a tumultuous Radiohead soundtrack. The overall effect is unsettling but ultimately inspiring as the main message encourages us to realise that it is okay to be different.

Client: Childline
Agency: The Gate

5. Boots – “Hygiene Poverty” by Ogilvy

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a singing bar of soap or loofah before, so Ogilvy’s advert on behalf of Boots was ground-breaking for me at least. Sadly, unlike earlier reviewed adverts there are no breasts in this one, despite the shower scenes. The cutesy delivery does not distract from the serious message about hygiene poverty and demonstrates there is more than one way to present an image.

Client: Boots
Agency: Ogilvy


That’s it for this week. What a week! Do you want your agency to feature in future articles? Fill in the form below ? and you’ll get a weekly reminder. No spam or anything.

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