5 Things That Caught Our Eye This Week – 4th December 2020

2020 has thrown up many surprises but probably the most mind boggling is that a Scotch Egg now counts as a meal.. I’m not a big fan, so I’ve been theorising about what combination of bar snacks will help me cross that magical drinking line. Perhaps some cheesy chips? Or maybe a packet of Biltong and a bag of crisps (decanted into a bowl of course – no meal can come in a packet)? Just how many nuts are we talking here? This is necessary, because we will be drowning our sorrows and raising a glass to Darth Vader, Green Cross Code man and my fellow Bristolian David Prowse. May the force be with you me babber.

In the shadow of our release from lockdown, the race to have the most emotional Christmas advert is officially underway. John Lewis, the undisputed champion of Christmas in previous years, has arguably not had the impact of recent times. This has left the door open for Co-op (and Lucky Generals), who have turned to two adorable busking brothers. However, perhaps Wonderhood’s advert for Branstons is more your sort of pickle? If it doesn’t win any Christmas awards, it will certainly win an award for the most ‘northern’ thing ever seen.

Double Dutch and Vocation will be providing the weekend drinks, something that Majestic in conjunction with The Red Brick Road and The Kite Factory can possibly help with!

1. Double Dutch by Boundless Brand Design

If, like me, you are rueing the instances when you complained ‘it was just too hot’ over the summer then Double Dutch in partnership with Boundless Brand Design might have something for you. Bursting with energy and using a palette of vibrant colours it got us in the mood for something tropical. Time to ramp up the heating, put on the board shorts whilst letting it all hang loose listening to Margharita Ville by Jim Buffet. Don’t fancy that?! They have also just released their festive range which includes their cranberry and ginger tonic.

Agency: Boundless Brand Design
Client: Double Dutch

2. Vocation by Robot Food

Robot Food have gone for the surreal take on life with its limited edition design. The decortage images of shapes and real life imagery give the cans a modern feel that feels more evocative of a cocktail rather than a beer. Each beer is part of a pair that are brewed in the same style but contain different hop varieties. So hop to it and join the experiment!

Agency: Robot Food
Client: Vocation

3. Co-op – “Christmas round are way” by Lucky Generals

The season of brotherly love and goodwill to all men is almost upon us. With that in mind, Co-op has been channelling the spirit of Oasis through a pair of adorable urchins in their latest Christmas ad by London agency Lucky Generals. Some might say that it is unrealistic for two brothers who associate with Oasis to get on, but I found it heart-warming ‘D’you know what I mean? That is definitely (maybe) the end of my Gallagher based puns. In all seriousness, the message of the advert, about community and caring for each other, is strong and is sorely needed in these divided times.

Agency: Lucky Generals
Client: Co-Op

4. Branston Pickle – “Hit of Home” by Wonderhood Studios

More northern than the cast of Hollyoaks having a night on the tiles in Weatherfield, Wonderhood’s advert will tug at the heart strings of all of those north folk who are exiled in the big smoke this yuletide. The story that is built up by the voice over is a touchingly familiar way that many of us will relate to. Mind you, if all else fails I believe Branston’s is really good with a good old scotch egg.

Agency: Wonderhood Studios
Client: Branston Pickles

5. Majestic Wines – “Discover New Tastes” by The Kite Factory and Red Brick Road

This one caught our eye because of the potential of this partnership. also because it touches something close to our hearts this time of the year, booze. Majestic Wines have partnered up with The Kite Factory (who successfully launched the large scale hotel ‘Birch’ during a pandemic, Kudos guys!) and Red Brick Road. Together they will launch the “Discover New Tastes” platform for specially selected beers, wines and spirits with the help of their in-store staff. We are huge fans of the work both The Kite Factory and Red Brick Road produce, so this feels like a great move by Majestic with exciting, human-centric campaigns Red Brick Road are synonymous with, alongside media buying from one of the shrewdest and cleverest independent agencies out there. Exciting times.

Agency: The Kite Factory and Red Brick Road
Client: Majestic Wines

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