5 Things That Caught Our Eye This Week – 8th January 2021

Congratulations to dogs everywhere, the ‘new normal’ is back and you will be seeing a lot more of your owners! That scruffy blonde bloke you saw your humans swearing at on telly the other night has declared another lockdown.

Every time I think ‘What more could go wrong?’ I scold myself to use my imagination. For example, we could be crushed by a giant comet of garbage, like the one hurtling towards the earth in Mother’s advert for IKEA. Meanwhile, back on Earth Christmas was ruined, so it is only right that we look to the next major Christian holiday to be spoiled by COVID, namely Easter! This can be seen in ‘Golden Gobilee’ by Elvis. Speaking of Christian stuff, Big Fish’s (or should that be Big Fish’s and Loaves?!) advert gives the old Adam and Eve fable an update.

You know it is good to see that not everybody has been furloughed. The borrowers in Wieden and Kennedy’s advert for Inuit Quickbooks seem on the verge of a hostile takeover of the local chippie. Finally, Elder shows what is possible if you are indeed stuck at home, by taking needlework to the next level.

1. Elder – “Humans Have Roots Too” by Love or Fear

Ever wondered what would happen if Guillermo del Toro took up needle felting and knitting. Wonder no more! Love or Fear on behalf of Elder give us a symbolic but wooly representation of the relationship we develop with our home. In this ad we see a knitted lady tied to the soil of her garden by her slippers. For those of you who have tried needle felting, you will appreciate just how many stabs to the finger the artist potentially took.

Client: Elder
Agency: Love or Fear

2. Cadbury – “Golden Gobilee” by Elvis

This video celebrates the various ways in which we have enjoyed Cadburys Creme Eggs over the last 50 years. Now that’s eatertainment, but not as entertaining as watching the sugar meltdowns that my siblings and nephews/nieces have to contend with! I am not sure which type of Creme Egg connoisseur I am, but it’s definitely not a sharer.

Agency: Elvis
Client: Cadbury

3. Intuit Quickbooks – “We Mean Business” by Wieden and Kennedy

It looks like ‘the borrowers’ grew up and got corporate in Quickbooks’ new ad. Wieden and Kennedy show a lot of tiny corporate people doing important jobs “27 hours a day, 8 days a week”. It is interesting that this took place in a chipshop and the jeopardy in the advert came from a capricious seagull, rather than the deep fat fryer.

Client: Intuit QuickBooks
Agency: Wieden and Keenedy

4. The Coconut Collaborative – “Free from Dairy, but not Temptation” by Big Fish

A bizarre and a tad sacrilegious use of a bible story, but I loved it. In this advert we see, oh lets say Adrian and Evelyn who are tempted by a snake for a dairy free (coconut based yogurt). I appreciated the humour and the simplicity of the animation, but the tropical take on the old fable is making me wistful for my long forgotten holidays.

Client: The Coconut Collaborative
Agency: Big Fish

5. Ikea – “Fortune Favours the Frugal” by Mother London

IKEA aims to save us from a disaster made of late 20th century crap in the Fortune Favours the Frugal by Mother London. Alliteration aside, I’ve told my husband many times that post-modern Swedish storage will save the world, now I can prove it! The central message of only using what we need is particularly prescient as we begin the battle for resources in the arctic tundra of winter 2021 in post Brexit Britain…

Client: Ikea
Agency: Mother London

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