5 Things That Caught Our Eye This Week – 15th January 2021

Well 2021 isn’t disappointing is it? In Britain, the government has shown us how not to eat well for less. Whilst in America, the Capitol building was ransacked by a ‘shaman’ and a bunch of conspiracy nuts. Not to mention the killer virus that seems to be reaching its zenith. I kind of have to keep reminding myself it is barely mid-January…

I think the ads this week reflect the head space I find myself in at the moment. I think I am subconsciously seeking a number of different things;

First, I am seeking protection/ the ability to kick an insurrectionists arse hence my inclusion of Karmarama’s ad on behalf of the British Army. I also wouldn’t mind blowing a few things up which leads me onto BBD Perfect Storm’s ad on behalf of Legal and General.

Perhaps I am feeling guilty for treating myself to a new pair of leather shoes in the sales, cue Hell Yeah! with their Veganuary cajoling.

Maybe I also wish to indulge in a bit of escapism, which is why I was drawn to the Engine Groups offering on behalf of Santander.

Finally, cats are A Holes (whether you love them or hate them you know it’s the truth!), but you know you’re onto a winner when something ‘doesn’t suck!’, therefore Jam’s advert for Waggel makes it onto my radar.

1. The British Army- “Title Fail. Learn. Win. Victory!” by Karmarama

The British army is well known for their tag line ‘Be the Best’, however the latest advert put out on their behalf by Karmarama takes a slightly different approach. ‘Fail. Learn. Win. Victory!’ may seem counterintuitive, but it is an important idea, about having the courage and confidence to fail. I feel that this more inclusive line may serve them better in the changing world that we live in.

Client: The British Army
Agency: Karmarama

2. Legal and General – ‘Retiring That’ by BBD Perfect Storm

Legal and General have launched their latest campaign, figuratively blowing up the stereotypes of retirement. Six cliched symbols of retirement including a carriage clock, slippers and a ball of yarn are blown up to reveal a visual cacophony of Legal and Generals iconic brand colours.

Agency: Legal and General
Client: BBD Perfect Storm

3. Veganuary – “Veganuary” by Hell Yeah!

As a virtuous vegetarian, I always basked in the smug superiority that I felt when I thought about my meat eating colleagues making New Year’s plant based resolutions. Then along came Veganuary, and now I look like a lightweight poser. Still, even I can enjoy the cheeky approach Hell Yeah! is taking to the phenomenon this year. They are placing adverts on telephone boxes near carnivorous fast food joints in north and central London, offering help to those who are wavering. I haven’t been brave enough to actually call the ‘Helpline’ yet (0800 054 1099) to see what happens yet, but you definitely should, especially if the bacon cravings are getting to you!

Client: Veganuary
Agency: Hell Yeah!

4. Santander – “Prepare to be Amazed” by Engine Group

The video opens with Ant or Dec (I can never remember which is which) suggesting a portmanteau that sounds like it has been Hispanicized to fit in with the Santander vernacular It is all a bit disorientating when you see two of the world’s most famous Geordies doing it, to be honest. The ad continues to explore the idea of a virtual bank, which is good because I don’t actually think I’ve seen the inside of a proper bank in over a year.

Client: Santander
Agency: Engine Group

5. Waggel – “Psycho” by Jam

Jam on behalf of Waggel confirms what we all already knew. Cats are psychos. In this advert the moggy protagonist does his (I assume ‘he’!) turn as Norman Bates. You know what they say about Jazz, the ‘notes you can’t hear are the important ones’. Well, I kind of instantly applied that theory to this advert. Where is the feline Mrs Bates? Is she mewling around in the background somewhere, wait does that cat wear dresses?! Come to think of it, why is that dog voluntarily taking a shower?!

Client: Waggel
Agency: Jam

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