5 Things That Caught Our Eye This Week – 21st January 2021

Well at the time of writing I can say that it is finally over, adults are back in charge of the nuclear codes, and Biden has been inaugurated. How could you possibly describe the last four years? It started with (as Dubya) succinctly put it ‘some weird sh*t’ and ended with a slew of pardons. I guess it must be common knowledge, but the idea of a presidential pardon kind of passed me by. I mean, it is all very Game of Thrones…

This week’s five things are filled with inspiration as our creative agencies give us some life lessons. Uncommon tells us “Hope is power’, Supple proves ‘tough is beautiful’ whilst Creature reminds us what lifes about. We then get some practical advice on our credit score and some much needed advice on car purchasing!

1. Guardian – “Hope is power” by Uncommon

On the day of the US presidential inauguration, The Guardian shared its “Hope is power” message to celebrate new vice-president Kamala Harris
Hope is Power is the Guardian’s first brand campaign in seven year. The campaign seeks to build on the trust and affinity readers have with the Guardian and its role in giving people the facts to challenge the status quo, publish fresh ideas and opinions, and hold power to account. .

Client: Guardian
Agency: Uncommon

2. FRAHM – “Tough Beautiful” by Supple

I have to say, I loved this campaign on so many levels. The tagline “Tough Beautiful” aptly fits the natural cardboard boxes with beautiful beetle illustrations that look like they’re taken straight from an Entomologists handbook. Their packaging tape also gets across FRAHMS support of mental health charity Mind telling us to “open up”. The jackets are great but can I just have the packaging please (yes, I was that kid that collected the ‘Bugs’ magazine and made the giant tarantula!!)– Seriously guys- boxes?!

Client: FRAHM
Agency: Supple

3. Beagle street – “First Night” by Creature

Creature shows us just how wonderfully rich our lives can be , from the feeling of owning your first home to the all-new responsibilities parenthood brings. Sometimes it’s good to have a reminder. The miniature models were created by Andy Gent (also known for his work on ‘The isle of dogs’ ) – If you haven’t already seen it, it’s well worth a watch.

Client: Beagle Street
Agency: Creature

4. Totally Money – “Let’s Toadally Improve Your Credit Score” by Driven

I’m not saying Driven are labouring wordplay, but well, there are dancing toads for goodness sake! The whole thing is strangely effective, because I don’t think I’ve seen a dancing amphibian since Michigan J. Frog strutted his stuff in my childhood cartoon nightmares. The tagline will stick in your mind and the backing track is real earworm, what more is there to be said?!

Client: Totally Money
Agency: Driven

5. Suzuki – “Car-mate” by Iris

I liked the car buying training video that Iris created for Suzuki. It’s not exactly a Rocky montage, but it does contain plenty of good ‘training’ tips. There were lots of ‘car words’ in there that I did not really understand, but it would seem that I do not need to! The advert charts a man’s progress from car buying novice to the point where it is rendered needless.

Client: Suzuki
Agency: Iris

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