5 Things That Caught Our Eye This – 11th February 2021

Much of England has been turned into arctic tundra this week. Well maybe that is a bit hyperbolic, I’m not suggesting there is permafrost developing, but I did see some Geordie’s with more than one layer on, yes it’s THAT cold.

You must forgive the ‘Britishness’ of my talking about the weather, but it ties in with an article on my FB feed about the ‘most British’ thing that you have ever seen. Personally I think moaning about weather is probably somewhere up there. What do you think? Could you offer a better example? Perhaps the Churchill dog? That would indeed be a bastion of Britishness. However, what about Churchy at the funfair? That would be something to see, no? Well thanks to Engine Group you need wonder no longer. Perhaps even more quintessentially British is the NHS, and Pablo has created an important message for them.

Going back to the weather, one thing we don’t lack is moisture, the child in ‘The Girl Who Built a Rocket’ by Don’t Panic needn’t go to Mars for water, she just needs to make her way to the Glastonbury Festival in any given June, I’ve literally seen rivers. Mind you, it is still probably cheaper to go to Mars

Finally something decidedly un-British, as WWF and Creative Forager horn in on the buzz around the American Superbowl and present a splendid owl themed meme .

Did you ever get the impression that I was trying to avoid talking about Valentine’s day? Oh well, the real final advert I have this week is indeed one such advert, but to say it is unconventional would be underselling. The video by 10 Days is as unsettling as it is romantic.

1. Water Aid – “‘The Girl Who Built a Rocket’” by Don’t Panic

Childlike exuberance is the order of the day in Don’t Panic’s advert for Water Aid, as the main character attempts to build a rocket after hearing that there is water on Mars. Quite what she would do about the lack of oxygen and bone melting radiation is up for debate, but the core message of the advert is not, neither is the importance of the cause it represents.

Client: Water Aid
Agency: Don’t Panic

2. Churchill – “Funfair” by Engine Group

There is something ridiculously hypnotic about watching a bulldog on a fairground slide; he’s like a canine lava lamp. I don’t know what that music is, but I now can’t get it out of my head. The whole thing is relaxing, but I was worried that I was being lulled into a false sense of security. I was waiting for that blow to my cognisant solar plexus, that can only come with the words ‘Oh Yes’.

Client: Churchill
Agency: Engine Group

3. NHS – “Leave them certain” – by Pablo

Pablo’s moving advert for the NHS raises an important question for us all. Over a montage of home videos the main character is confronted with the fact that he did not know the wishes of his late father, in relation to organ donation. The video has a relatable quality to it, I’m sure most of us have similar memories, I for one remember my father’s ridiculous regulation army ‘tache too.

Client: NHS
Agency: Pablo London

4. Focaccia Flourists – “Why give flowers?” by 10 Days

A woman eats flowers whilst music yodel-screams in the background and her partner does his best human statue impression. It sounds very much like Valentine’s day in my house; amusing, ‘kneady’ and slightly unsettling. I think the advert matches well with the unusual concept of flower (no I don’t mean flour!) bread. Anyway, make sure you don’t forget, otherwise she might beat the focaccia.

Client: Focaccia Flourist
Agency: 10 Days

5. WWF – “Superb Owl ” by Creative Forager

Once again the power of Twitter has been demonstrated by WWF UK as they jumped on the Super Bowl bandwagon by creating the anagram ‘Superb Owl’, this has been put together with an image of a jaunty Strigiform by Creative Forager. A typo hasn’t been this noticeable since the legendary cofefe incident. To be honest, I’m no ornithologist, but I think a funky Owl is far more interesting than the sporting event that inspired it. Come to think of it, the Funky Owls will probably be playing in the NFL in the not too distant future anyway.

Client: WWF
Agency: Creative Forager

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