5 things that caught our eye this week

Well Boris has condemned us to a 10pm bedtime for the foreseeable. Thankfully, despite facing a long winter, the creative people of the world have again reminded us that as long as we have imagination and a small sense of rebellion, we are lucky to work in a world where the art of the possible remains significantly more likely than a beer at 10:01pm.

Here’s some of the brilliant creatives that caught our eye this week. We salute you!

1. Marsh & Parsons Stay Relevant

This one is a bit London-centric so apologies for anyone reading outside the M25 but Marsh & Parsons are a London Estate Agent who have for the past few years been ‘matching people and properties’ by running a series of ads that give real people the characteristics of properties. These simple ads feature a property description then a person that matches that description.

Great creative and brilliant media work from Open Outdoor and The Kite Factory. This ad seems to have found its way outside a competitor.

Photo credits to Ian Goldring of oohservices.co.uk

2 . Ikea’s “Anti-Aging” remedies by Mother

Sleep. We spend around a 1/3rd of our life doing it and if you’re like me, the other 2/3rd longing for it. You just can’t beat it. And no other product can deliver sleep or the benefits of sleep like a good bed, no matter what they promise

Mother’s latest campaign brilliantly juxtaposes the benefits of a good night sleep with the claims of various remedies such as anti-aging cream, sleeping pills to create an eye catching and actually quite hard hitting visual for Ikea that makes us want to crawl into some comfy sheets.

Agency: Mother London

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3. B&Qs “Build a Life” by Uncommon

Omni-channel advertising has in many ways changed the creative landscape so it’s refreshing and exciting to see a set of ads that, at least on the face of it, are the victor of copy and art direction.

Bold powerful creative and a truly uplifting message running through, combined with intelligence and thoughtful ad placing make this one a real eye-catcher. If you see the ‘Change’ in some contexts, you’ll see what we mean!

Agency: Uncommon

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4. Yorkshire Tea’s “Socially Distancing Tea Pot” by Lucky Generals

Actually this was a couple of weeks ago but for some reason slipped under the radar here are We Are Star, presumably as we tried to figure out how to have a tea with the team whilst social distancing.

The solution, it would seem, was right under our noses with this brilliant innovation.

What we love about this is the quintessential British-ness of this. The fact that someone sat down and tried to solve the problem of being able to share a brew despite the restrictions is just awesome.

Lucky Generals, we salute you.

Agency: Lucky Generals

5. John Lewis “For the joy of home” by Adam & Eve / DDB

Let’s face it, we’re all spending our time at home a bit more these days. Though the inevitable sense of cabin fever and frustration might set in, Adam & Eve / DDB’s new ad for John Lewis takes a look at the positives of families spending a bit more time together and what the kids are doing when you’re stuck on a Zoom call.

This feels a little with a bit of extra narrative it could have been part of John Lewis’ Christmas campaign, so this makes us even more excited about what that might look like. It will certainly be an interesting one this year.

Agency: Adam & Eve / DDB


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