5 Things That Caught Our Eye This Week

Here at We Are Star’s currently virtual but nonetheless impressive HQ, we’re always scanning the headlines for the most remarkable industry news, inspiration and creativity that we’re learning from and want to share with our audience. 

This week, we’ve found some amazing stories; from the reopening of Italy’s bars and Heineken’s reminder to be responsible, to Havas Media’s latest plan to combat racism, here’s what caught our eye this week…


Disconnect to Reconnect with VML&R’s Viagra Campaign



VMLY&R’s most recent advertising work with Viagra Connect tells a modern day love story in an attempt to erase age-old stigma about erectile dysfunction, the anxiety it can cause and strains it can create on relationships. Rather than masking the reality, the advert takes the subject head on and is a perfect example of how clever advertising can tackle awkward conversations. 



Havas Publishes Diversity Workforce Data Plan



As large businesses continue to work towards combating racism, Havas is the latest company to release their workforce data in an attempt to be transparent about its diversity status. In doing so, they’re hoping to actively change the way they hire and help black people and people of colour gain access to a predominantly white industry. Among their plan is to “amplify diverse voices” and ensure “payment equality” across the board – hopefully many other companies will follow suit. 

Read the full story here


Publicis and Heineken Urge Italians to Be Responsible when Going Back to Bars


There’s nothing better than a night at the pub with your closest friends and a cold beer – something we have all been deprived of for the majority of the year and are longing to get back to. In this heartwarming new video from Heineken and Publicis, in true socially responsible Heineken fashion, the video urges people to enjoy their nights out but adhere to the new rules, so we can continue to enjoy in the New Normal.




What’s One More? Adidas tells the story of the Olympic athletes having to wait for 2021


With the 2020 Olympic Games having to be postponed until next year due to the virus, Adidas has released a new campaign which features olympic athletes explaining how it felt being told that they were no longer to compete this year, but instead having to wait one more year. This beautifully created film captures the feelings of the world’s greatest sportspeople who have trained their whole lives for this year, but will have to push through for one more. As one athlete says, “When you’ve spent a lifetime waiting for this moment, what’s one more year?” The film was created by Simon Candy and directed by Sarah Chatfield from Station Films and Beast.



VCCP and Domino’s Pizza Encourage Staycationing in the UK this Summer


“Staycation Domination” is VCCP’s latest work with the delivery pizza company. In their 20” film, they convince their viewers that staying home instead of taking a summer holiday abroad isn’t such a bad thing when you have a gooey, cheesy, tomato-ey treat to get you through a summer that we didn’t quite plan for.

The video is part of a fully integrated social and digital campaign that also features a competition which involves Domino’s giving away specially designed picnic blankets to help people enjoy their pizza in the park or in the garden.

Read the full story here


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