5 Things That Caught Our Eye This – 18th February 2021

M‘I’ve been thinking about percentages a lot recently, yes I know neeeeeerrrrrrdddddd! When is 57% to 43% not enough to carry a vote? I’ll tell you when, it’s not enough when used to impeach a ‘man’ for actions that he OBVIOUSLY undertook. Coincidentally a 4% swing is enough to legitimise the economic suicide of a whole country, go figure…

Labouring a point if I may, 15 million (22%) of people in the UK have now received their first dose of the vaccine. This has of course prompted certain members of the government to call for the lockdown to end immediately and incited Boris to talk about yet another ‘road map’, let’s hope the GPS is working this time!

I suppose the first ad I noticed is inspired in part by the Covid pandemic, ’Warning Sign’ by M&C Saatchi on behalf of Public Health England. During this advert we are reminded that there is more than one threat to our health right now. ‘Have a Proper Chat’ by Don’t Panic further explores the theme by looking at the neurobiological effect the current climate of isolation is having on us.

The remaining adverts are lighter and food related. ‘Pipirazzi’ by Who Wot Why clicks away, ‘Wildly. Deliciously. Organic.’ by VCCP pounds away and the final advert by One Brief Minute is a serene study in simplicity.

1. Public Health England – “Warning Sign” by M&C Saatchi

So starting off on a slightly grim note, because I’m in a good mood, let’s talk about potential lung cancer. M&C Saatchi’s advert on behalf of Public Health England has a grim and gritty feel to it. It was sort of like watching the opening scenes of a Ken Loach film, where everything was down-to-earth and relatable, which helps with its impact on the audience. The muted lights really help focus the viewer on the ‘warning sign’. Mundanity filled with tension, very effective.

Client: Public Health England
Agency: M&C Saatchi

2. Pip & Nut – “Pipirazzi” – by Who Wot Why

The advert for ‘Pipirazzi’ by Who Wot Why provides some levity by seeming to poke a light bit of fun at the Instagram generation (where are the avocados?). Food good enough to be photographed is the main focus of this advert. I would always approach this with caution though, because whenever I photograph my culinary creations they look like prison slop, must just be the lighting, right? However, I digress- back to the ad! What’s going on with the peanut butter and raspberries? Is this some kind of deconstructed peanut butter and jelly sandwich? I I wonder how Gordon Ramsey would rate the plate?

Client: Pip & Nut
Agency: Who Wot Why

3. giffgaff – “Have a proper chat ” – by Don’t Panic

A science lesson from Keith Haring was my first thought upon watching ‘Have a Proper Chat’ by London’s Don’t Panic. The advert has quite a cool vibe to it, a bit like moving graffiti. It disseminates an important message in a colourful way. I found the advert surprisingly informative and uplifting at the same time, who knew gassing to your mates could be so important? A biological imperative indeed!

Client: giffgaff
Agency: Don’t Panic

4. KitKat by One Minute Brief

Leonardo da Vinci said that ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’, a fact I was reminded of when
I first saw the next advert. They can be found on London bus shelters and are effective in their minimalism, striking a chord with those of us stuck on the Zoom treadmill. The use of the chocolate in the the calendar of meetings is a very succinct way of conveying a message that is both instantly understandable and relatable. Dare I say ‘have a break, have a…’

Client: KitKat
Agency: One Minute Briefs

5. Green and Blacks – “Wildly. Delicious. Organic” by VCCP

I feel like I’ve been continually smacked in the face with a chocolate bar whilst attending a rave in a rainforest after watching ‘Wild. Deliciously. Organic.’ by VCCP. The manic energy of dinner time in the jungle seems to be a prelude to a natural disaster is the form of destructive confectionery, a cocoa comet as it were. The visuals and pounding music create an urgent feeling that provides an exciting (if somewhat disorienting) viewer experience.

Client: Green and Blacks
Agency: VCCP

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