5 Things That Caught Our Eye This Week – 25th February 2021

The news that all kids were dreading was announced this week. To turn a phrase over from dear old Alice Cooper ‘SCHOOL’S NOT OUT ‘TIL SUMMER!’, or possibly not even then… 

Obviously, I’m ‘kidding’, in my experience the young people in my life can’t wait to go back again.  What is at home anyway?  Apart from games, TV and endless free time? 

 News reports about the ‘great take off’ have already circulated, as people start (optimistically) booking holidays.  I can almost see the Spanish Costas battening down the hatches from here, I’m sure they are ordering the Carling and budget English breakfast ingredients as we speak.  It hits you right in the jam tart. 

The first advert, Your Room Will be Ready’ by Tomboy films is very much along the theme of this anticipation, and reminds us of the events to come.  The three adverts by Spark44 give us (well those of us rich enough to afford Land Rovers) ideas about staycations.   

NPK Media, of Liverpool, show us the softer side of Gin with their advert for Scouse Bird Gin and Julius Pringle brings us brimstone in ‘Step Up the Spice’ by We Are Social. Finally Mullenlowe created a vegetation junta on behalf of Knorr in ‘Eativist’.

1. Royal Albert hall  “Your room will be ready” by Tomboy films

Aptly given this week’s announcements the first advert I noticed was ‘Your Room Will Be Ready’ by Tomboy Films, on behalf of the Royal Albert Hall.  It feels somewhat tantalising to see all the things that we have been missing over the last year or so, now that we have  some hope that the end is in sight.  The montage of great bands and moments with Jagger’s voiceover is both nostalgic and forward looking, a nice juxtaposition that sums up (I would imagine) the mixed feeling people have in general right now. 

Client: The Royal Albert Hall
Agency: Tomboy Films

2. Land Rover – ‘Mr Snappy, Glamping, Skydive” by Spark 44

A Land Rover advert that does not contain an image of a rapper or a wax Barbour jacket, well they do say fiction is stranger than reality (or maybe the other way around? Whatever).  Spark44 created a triptych of videos for Landover depicting various scenes from a family holiday. Mr Snappy show’s off the car’s various gadgets through the presence of a bug (sorry, crab!) in the system. ‘Glamping’ shows the room in the car’s boot with a strategically placed barbecue and ‘Skydive’ shows the car driving childhood imaginations.  All three adverts neatly combine to show the boundless possibilities open to a Land Rover owner. 

Client: Land Rover 
Agency Spark 44

3. Pringles – “Step up the spice” – by We Are Social

You know I’m really starting to wonder about Julius Pringle after watching ‘Step Up the Spice’ by We Are Social.  Is it me?  Or does it kind of look like those Pringles cans are ascending from the bowels of hell? Watching Julius’ face rise slowly out of glowing infernal ichor I was left wondering ‘What got him there?’  Was it the white chocolate peppermint flavour, from back in the mid 2010s? Surely it must be.  Anyway, the new flavours look ‘hot’, so that’s all ‘cool’ with me. 

Client: Pringles
Agency: We Are Social

4. Scouse Bird  “Gin advert” by NPK Media

NPK Media’s unabashedly sumptuous advert for Scouse Bird Gin has an unusually grown up theme. Look, it doesn’t need to be said gin has had an image makeover in the last ten or so years, it no longer conjures images of back house Victorian bordellos, or latterly your  nan down the smoky local. It has become a drink of somewhat sleek sophistication, perhaps with a whimsical edge to it.  One of the reasons I like this advert is the (for wont of a better word) feel of it.  It inspires emotive and sensual feelings, and really made me fancy… a drink.

Client: Scouse Bird
Agency: NPK Media

5. Knorr – “Eativists” by MullenLowe

Normally when you get the old ‘hidden in plain sight’ monologues you know that you are onto something sinister, perhaps in the Tyler Durden mould. I was tempted to make a crack involving Meatloaf and Fight Club, but I think depressingly few readers will be old enough to have seen a classic.  What are their goals?  No Kale left behind? I’m sorry, I went off on bit of a tangent there! Honestly speaking,  any club that encourages people to eat better, would be one that is worth being a member of.  The advert is vibrant, bright and has given me a number of ideas for dinner tonight, cheers!

Client: Knorr
Agency: MullenLowe

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