The mild mild west belied its name as peaceful protesters went full Ghandi outside a cop shop in Bristol and set fire to paddy wagon, not cool me blabbers, not cool at all.I’m sure we’re all concerned about the attempts to undermine our civil liberties, but rioting to protect the right to peaceful protest is the worst kind of contradiction.

It’s been a year since Boris Johnson announced a three week lockdown to ‘limit the spread of Covid-19’, dragged a bit hasn’t it? It is sort of like going to see my niece’s dance recitals (obviously before all of this). I’m assured that I will only be there for twenty minutes, but you try and get up and leave when her little friend Lettice stomps around the stage. And yes I did compare a deadly disease to my nieces’ dance recitals; I’m just a great auntie/person.

The first ad this week is by Flow creative for Syria Relief and it is a narrative about a young Syrian boy and his experiences of war. Continuing the conflict theme, Quiet Storm has created an advert that wages war on germs. St Lukes have produced some creepy little images about money advice for Which? The Good Agency shines a light in the dark and The Corner London seeks to put the thrill into water filtration.


1. Syria Relief – “Syria Relief Full Edit V2” by Flow Creative

Flow Creative have made an inspiring video on behalf of Syria Relief. From an aesthetic point of view, I liked the animation; it reminded me of ‘Waltzing with Bashir’ a little bit.I guess the child’s story reminds us how conceited children have become in the west.I remember when I was at school; some of my fellow pupils had to be dragged to lesson. It makes a refreshing change to hear somebody desperate to go.It is also good to be reminded that the Syrians are people, with their own characters and needs and not simply a news story or the latest anti-immigration football to bounce out of Gammonland.


Client: Syria Relief
Agency: Flow Creative


2.  RNIB – “Lifechangers Campaign”  by the  Good Agency

GOOD Agency lived up to their name by creating an advert for RNIB.I think being told that you are going to lose your sight must be one of the most horrifying things that it is possible to hear, it is good to know that there are people out there willing to help.The advert is simple and succinct in its delivery; there is no need for anything more than a shared experience.The fact that the person in focus is so young helps with the impact, but so are her recollections.It really helps you step into her shoes, if it is only on a superficial level.

Client: RNIB
Agency: The GOOD agency


3 – Zoflora- “Kills Germs Beautifully” by Quiet Storm

’ll be honest; listening to Edith Piaf boom out as flowers erupt from the countertops wasn’t exactly where I thought the advert was going to go, especially after I read the title.When I was thinking of what I could write about this advert the ‘flower power’ angle crossed my mind, but that is low hanging fruit and I like to think I am better than that.The tag line was a little unsettling though, I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to hearing about germ murder with such relish!


Client: Zoflora
Agency: Quiet Storm


4. Which?  – “Scams Savings Swindlers” by St Lukes

St Luke’s created a series of vignettes for Which? that are a little difficult to describe, luckily I like a challenge and I’ve come up with; ‘Slender Man Goes Money Fishing in Purgatory’, ‘Two Faced Tim Burton Wannabe Tries to Tear the Edges of Reality’ and ‘Bride of Gilman Loses Her Loot’.The adverts are trying to draw attention to something that people are pretty blasé about, so I think a an esoteric approach is a good one to go with, tie the gremlins under your bed to the ones out there on the net, as it were.

Client: Which?
Agency St Lukes


5. Anglian Water – “Never Still, Never Stop” by The Corner London

Making the process of water cleaning seem interesting must be a daunting task; it isn’t exactly a subject that makes you think ‘I’ve gotta know this, I’ll get to it right after watching that infomercial on queueing’.However, The Corner London makes a good stab at it with ‘Never Still, Never Stop’, even if some of it does resemble that Tony Robinson programme ‘Worst Jobs In History’. The run through of the various components of the industry was interesting, but I was most fascinated by the little girl’s reaction to the taste of the water at the very start. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen someone enjoy water quite that much, perhaps we could blow her mind by introducing her to dry white toast.

Client: Anglican Water
Agency The Corner