5 Things That Caught Our Eye This Week

At the We Are Star HQ, we’ve been on the lookout for most striking industry news, inspiration and relevant stories that we’re constantly learning from and want to share with our audience.

With lockdown restrictions and Brexit negotiations all over the headlines this week, we all needed something to lighten the mood or at least inspire us with some super cool content. So, we’ve lined up some amazing examples of creativity and clever campaigning. From Mother London’s clever KFC campaign to uplifting artwork created by Jack Agency; here’s what caught our eye this week…

1. We are social – The World’s First 5G Duet

We’re so used to seeing Lewis Hamilton on the F1 circuit but this week, in a collaboration with Vodafone, he’s been tinkling the ivories. In an advertisement campaign created by global socially-led creative agency We Are Social, the #5Gamechanger commercial shows the British racing driver doing a hobby that he really loves – playing the piano. The film highlights the fact that in our new age of video calling, 5G from Vodafone makes a live duet possible.

Vodafone’s network digitally connected two pianos in different locations and put Lewis Hamilton and professional musician Jay Keys together. Boasting no lag and the ability to play together in real time, this is what they’re calling the world’s first 5G Duet.

2. No Finger Lickin’ with Mother London and KFC

In what Mother London is calling the world’s least appropriate slogan, the fried chicken fast food chain KFC has taken a little rebrand. What used to be known as “Finger Lickin’ Good” has now had to take into account the pandemic and all of the cleanliness measures which follow.

Mother said “with great chicken comes great responsibility” and therefore, finger-licking is no longer advised, for now. In an OOH and video campaign, the agency has created a funny and friendly advert telling its chicken lovers to temporarily ignore the famous slogan and have blurred out the words Finger Lickin’.

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3. Isobel and JET “Don’t Let Filling Up Slow You Down”

Award-winning creative agency Isobel have created a unique and memorable TV ad which aired at the beginning of this month and is showing across the Midlands and the North of England with more of the campaign to be shared on social media.

The campaign film features a man driving through the countryside on and playing a grand piano, while singing Joe Jackson’s hit ‘Steppin’ Out’. He’s clearly on a roll so when he stops at a JET to fill up, it’s so quick that it doesn’t even interrupt his flow. With the slogan “Don’t let filling up slow you down”, creative director at Isobel, Ben Stump, says the ad is a celebration of the open road and a good old sing-song.

4. Jack Agency and Morag Myerscough create #YourSpaceOrMine Art

Creative out-of-home experts, Jack Agency, have made an impactful contribution this week to London’s street art. Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, especially in the early days of lockdown, you probably will have seen the Community is Kindness posters, sprinkled around the capital in an attempt to raise morale and remind us that we are all in this together.

In a new striking collaboration with London-based artist Morag Myerscough, they created the Sun Dance campaign to transform our everyday spaces with love.


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5. Iris X Samsung – #NotASchool but a Learning Experience

Iris and their client Samsung have created a fresh new campaign entitles #NotASchool. It’s a free online course to help Gen Z learn about the issues that matter, with amazing speakers to help the next generation of innovators build fresh solutions.

In a video campaign featuring Lady Leshurr, they highlight that technology is constantly changing how we learn, work and communicate, which makes predicting the future pretty impossible.

With courses now on FutureLearn, they aim to provide future-proof skills in Creativity, Communication, Collaboration, and Critical Thinking, while exploring some of the most important social issues we face today – from climate change to loneliness – and how technology can help solve them.





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