5 Things That Caught Our Eye This Week

At the We Are Star HQ, we’ve been on the lookout for the most note-worthy industry news, inspiration and campaigns that we’re learning from, inspired by, and want to share with our audience.

It’s been a long and testing year and as we head further into the autumn and winter months, we all need some empowerment in our lives right now. Luckily, it’s been quite an empowering week in the advertising and marketing world. From a shiny new This Girl Can campaign from the incredible FCB Inferno to Outvertising’s new out of home billboard campaign; here’s what caught our eye this week…

1. FCB Inferno – This Girl Can Campaign

It has been five years since the launch of FCB’s outstanding advertising campaign, This Girl Can, which is a long term effort to change how women in the modern world are marketed to and to free women of self-judgement when getting active. The campaign, which has been perfectly executed and influenced by the events of 2020, highlights how there is no longer a ‘normal’ for any of us these days. In light of that, they aim to celebrate every woman managing to keep moving on their own terms.

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2. BMB – Farrow and Ball “Relax, it’s modern emulsion” paint

There’s nothing like simplicity when it comes to comedy and BMB has got it spot on in their new Press, Social and OOH campaign for client, Farrow and Ball. The clever ad features an over-anxious mother, pressuring a little girl to sign a contract, promising she will pay for any paintwork damage caused while playing. The message was: Relax. Farrow and Ball’s Modern Emulsion is remarkably unmarkable. The ad also features image stills of texting conversations highlighting everyday mishaps that cause paintwork to be damaged and how it no longer applies with Farrow and Ball.

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3. “Advertising needs to get out more” – Outvertising X One Minute Briefs

The non-profit LGBTQ+ advertising and marketing advocacy group, Outvertising, has created a punchy and innovative OOH campaign with One Minute Briefs. In collaboration with Radley Yeldar’s star designer Fran Payne, the Clearchannel billboards show the concept of inclusivity and the constant need for more acceptance and less judgement. They have been deployed across the country this week and will no doubt make a brilliant impact. It’s the perfect example of when clever marketing meets activism, and we love to see it!

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4. Heinz and BBH team up with Magic Breakfast to stop child hunger

We can’t seem to include an inspirational round-up without BBH and this week is no different. With their client Heinz, they’ve partnered with Magic Breakfast charity which aims to end child hunger with 12 million free breakfasts with their No Added Sugar beans. With one in five UK children who are currently at risk of going to school hungry. Passionate about raising awareness and money to end this, the team at BBH, Heinz and Magic Breakfast created a 90 second film, documenting a cartoon child Jess and her rumbling tummy until she is introduced to Magic Breakfast. An ‘Empty plate’ installation on London’s South Bank and an accompanying social media campaign will add to the initiative.

5. Who Wot Why’s Sky Bet campaign for Premier League season

In a new campaign out this week in time for the Premier League Season, Who Wot Why and their client Sky Bet have created an advert with a floral shift in focus. With a meadow of flowers in different colours to represent each team, Who Wot Why’s Ben Walker and Matt Gooden created the work of art which always aims to have an ethical and moral standpoint when promoting betting.

The campaign will run across TV, digital and radio until the 23rd September. Who Wot Why and Sky Bet have a working history of always advocating for responsible betting, urging gamblers to make sure betting only enhances the excitement to a degree, rather than consuming the whole game.


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John Boyega quits Jo Malone Ambassadorship

As a bonus story this week, actor and producer John Boyega has been in the headlines recently following his recent move to quit his ambassador role with fragrance house, Jo Malone. The high-end perfume and candle brand replaced Boyega with a Chinese actor in an ad he made for them, without his consent. The company apologised for the misstep and for any offence caused but the Star Wars star had had enough. In a statement he made on Twitter, he said “I don’t have time for nonsense. We press on and strong.” It is a clear indicator that global advertising, although will always use a variety of global and local ambassadors, “dismissively trading out one’s culture” and pasting it onto another actor is not acceptable.



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