Increase your hotels direct bookings by 10%

Improve ADR, ARR and RevPAR whilst driving guest advocacy.

100% Discretion

We work discreetly and quietly in the background, maintaining your privacy and competitive advantage.


No templates, no out-of-the-box designs. Everything created bespoke for you and your hotel.


Designs aligned to measurable KPIs and outcomes. making them both beautiful and highly elegant.

It starts with a chat.

    Trusted by clients worldwide

    “Within 2 weeks, we had increased our on-site conversions by over 180%.”

    Kieron Business Development Director


    Increase ADR, ARR & RevPAR.

    Our websites are designed to increase revenue. Not only do our luxury designs help showcase a high value experience, but we’ll drive traffic to your site, helping you avoid 3rd party commission payments.

    Trusted by clients worldwide

    “I’ve not met a team with more commitment and dedication to our business than We Are Star.”

    Georgina Chief Marketing Officer

    Drive direct bookings.

    With SEO friendly experiences and design psychology at the core, our solutions are hand crafted to build trust and confidence with your guests, making booking direct a real ‘no brainer’.

    Every luxury experience.

    Beach & Resort

    Sites that oozes with the luxurious calm of ocean side experiences, creating the perfect first impressions for your guests.

    City Hotels

    Efficient, easy to navigate solutions for guests travelling for business, leisure – or both.

    Extended Stay

    Make your hotel a home for long stay clients, who want the creature comforts along side the luxury experience.


    Why trust We Are Star with your luxury hotel site?

    Making a website is easy. Creating a luxury digital experience that converts traffic to customers is not easy.

    That’s why luxury brands trust us with their online experience.

    We specialise in luxury, working with and alongside some of the worlds most prestigious brands. We get not only the demands of your business but we also know the discerning nature of your clients.


    Built with design psychology


    Bespoke designs with no reuse


    Powered by SEO best practise


    Custom copy, telling your story


    The Luxury Experts