5 Things That Caught Our Eye This Week – 11th December 2020

So Bill Gates has finally got his nefarious wish, and is now tracking a Northern Irish nonagenarian with his vaccine delivered microchip. I’m not sure what information can be gained by tracing a little old lady whilst she picks up her ‘bits’ from M&S, but I’m sure the endeavour is worth it. Now, I like a good conspiracy theory as much as the next person, but this isn’t a good one, follow your doctor’s advice people!

Back in the ‘real world’ and somewhat closer to home, there has been a heartening story from Mother London who have voluntarily repaid the furlough money that they were given as part of the government job retention scheme.

This week’s advertisements save Christmas both literally and figuratively during Iris’ charming ad on behalf of NHS Charities Together. While the more prosaic and arguably important campaign by St Lukes, on behalf of Dole, helps highlight the problems of child food poverty.

Away from the Christmas themes, Helena Bonham Carter narrates Bumble by Brooklyn Brothers, and surprisingly there is no sign of any Tim Burton style eeriness or black and white candy stripes anywhere. Finally, we are rounded out by two aging rappers, one of whom has an important message “Bring back fans, not racists” by Uncommon and one who doesn’t. (McCann’s Doggy Dog featuring Snoop Dog on behalf of Just Eat).

1. Bumble – “When dating met 2020” by Brooklyn Brothers

Helena Boham-Carter acts as a narrator commenting on the protagonists love life as her family nag her about finding a partner. In a year in which we are continually being advised to stand two meters apart, have very little to talk about or to plan for and going out means it’s bin day, it’s not been easy for singletons! The lack of toilet provisions available to those out and about only adds to such complications!

Agency: Brooklyn Brothers
Client: Bumble

2. Dole – “Unstuffed Bears” by St Lukes

London agency St Lukes has teamed up with Dole to bring us a less than fully stuffed bear. The bear stands in stark contrast to its fully stuffed counterparts in order to raise awareness of hunger among children this Christmas. A thought provoking ad that contained very little fluff.

Agency: Dole
Client: St Lukes

3. Beats by Dr Dre – “Bring back fans, not racists” by Uncommon

As the Uk Premier league reopens, Beats by Dr Dre urges us to “bring back fans, not racists” to the stadiums. The campaign involves projecting anti-racism messages onto the walls of clubs as games resume.

The message reads: “The stadiums have been empty . For some players, the silence brought pressure. For some it brought peace. As we return to the stands, let us promise to leave racism where it belongs, in the past.” It’s been projected at stadiums including Emirates (Arsenal), Anfield (Liverpool), Stamford Bridge (Chelsea) and Tottenham Hotspur Stadium (Spurs).

Agency: Uncommon
Client: Beats by Dr Dre

4. Just Eat – “Doggy Dog” by McCann

In this advert we are introduced to Doggy Dog- a dog that orders gold leaf burgers that arrive on a gold plate having been delivered by a gold sleigh featuring the tag line “you can’t help but hum”. We assume they mean tunefully rather than to be noisome!

Previous incarnations of Doggy Dog have been; Snoop Dogg, Snoop Lion, DJ Snoppadelic and Snoopzilla. For next year’s campaign we are floating: Dogg McDoggFace and his free loading sidekick Moochy Pooch, You are welcome McCann!

Agency: McCann
Client: Just Eat

5. NHS Charities Together- “The Gift” by Iris

If we didn’t love the NHS enough already, they now go and save Father Christmas too! At least that is what is shown in ‘The Gift’ by Iris of London. The story arc shows a dishevelled St Nick being ferried in on a gurney and leaving on his own two feet. In the meantime, he is nursed back to health and even has time to answer his many letters. You’re welcome children of the world!

Agency: Iris
Client: NHS Charities Together

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