Why you need to consider digital outsourcing at your agency

As the world gets back on its feet, many businesses will have to think of new ways of doing things. Challenges caused by social distancing in the workplace alongside a very different shaped economy force us all to think of new and efficient ways of operating.

One of the biggest challenges is remaining competitive, especially in winning new business.

As we emerge from this crazy period of life, it’s probably safe to assume most client budgets will be slashed in ways we probably haven’t seen, and agencies will know that to win work, they will need to be pitching far lower than they have been used to.

Perhaps now is a good time to consider a new way of doing things?

One way you can reduce the costs without eating away at your margin is to look at outsourcing to a white label agency, one that is set-up to help you reduce costs without compromising on quality.

A company such as We Are Star is set-up to help you do exactly this. As a white-label digital outsourcing provider, we deliver digital products under your brand.

There’s 5 advantages to using We Are Star

1. High Quality: Each of our team has been picked because of the exceptional standards they hold themselves to, with experience in either large ad agencies or big technology companies. We have industry-leading internal coding standards and processes that ensure outsourcing does not compromise quality.

2. Lower Rates: We balance our London team with our offshore delivery capability meaning our rates are generally lower than you’re probably used to paying, and as in point 1 we don’t compromise on quality

3. Pay Per Day: Many Contractors will want a minimum commitment of 3 months to sign-up. This means, as you ramp-up, developers, testers and analysts are often underallocated. Our model is different. You pay for the number of days you need and no more. So if your developer works 3 days a week, you pay for 3 days a week.

4. Requirements: This is something we feel projects tend to miss. Our digital consultants are trained to understand your requirements, asking the right questions up front so that we can help you control and manage scope.

5. Control: Our flexible model allows you to outsource the bits you want and keep control of those areas you want to keep in-house. Some agencies use us for full-service delivery, some use us to do back-end development and some use us for front-end styling only. You pick the bits of the service you need and we work around you, giving you full control.

This is why we think your agency should be considering using a digital outsource company like We Are Star. We can deliver significant cost savings to you, meaning you can pitch with more confidence, whilst maintaining the quality that is so important to you. That means either bigger margins, or more competitive pitches, helping you grow even in these challenging times.

In fact, for several clients, by their own admission, using We Are Star has significantly improved both the quality of their deliverables, but also their relationships with their clients by helping us set clearer expectations, managing scope and increasing the confidence between agency and client.

And the good thing about white label outsourcing is we sit quietly in the background, you take all the credit. Our aim is to build a relationship with you, not your clients. So why not see how we can help you grow, today.

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